Welcome to Kuopio Camera Club

We are an active Camera Club established 1954. 

In Brief

The mission of Kuopio Camera Club is to promote interest in photography and photographic culture. Our club is 70 years old and is affiliated to The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs, which is a member of FIAP (The International Federation of Photographic Art). We have over 100 members and the number has been increasing recent years. Our administration can be found from Kuopio camera club administration -page.

The events organized consist of training, presentations, quest speakers, internal competitions, photo projects etc. Recently we have had an opportunity to learn about advanced lighting techniques, digital editing and international exhibitions to mention a few.

We have frequent internal competitions and we participate in national competitions of The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs. Most advanced members also take part in international competitions of FIAP. We have also arranged several exhibitions of our own in Kuopio area. Individual feedback from advanced members is an integral part of our internal competitions. This helps the members to constantly improve the quality of their pictures.

In addition to our own program we participate in the activities of The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs. We have been nominated as the Camera Club of the Year by The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs in 2014. We have also been selected as best Camera Club in Cup for Finnish Camera Clubs between 2016 – 2021. In 2020 and 2022 we were also awarded as Best Nordic Camera Club in Nordic Championship.

We organize monthly “Picture of the Month” competition. To participate with three photos you have to join our Flickr group. Theme of  each month can be found from the website and from the Flickr Gallery of Kuukauden kuvat – one of the images can be older than one month – so the other two have to be NEW ONES.

Much discussion is happening also at our Facebook group – ask to join our Facebook group here (only for members)

We also have a Photography Studio located at our Digiluola Club in Puijonlaakso – studio masters as well as key-holders can be found from Studio – page.

We also organize Getting familiar with your digital camera courses.  

If something is unclear what comes to our Camera Club, the best way is to set your possible questions to our Facebook group.